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Gmail still scans yours emails, undoubtedly, to serve Ad Content

Your Gmail conversations are being scanned by bots (hopefully, only bots) and parsing your words throughout your conversations to serve ads via their search engine, YouTube, and third-party websites. We all knew this was going down at some point; a little over a year ago Google was supposed to stop this and pull the plug on this spying and intrusive behavior. (i.e. ‘Google Will Stop Reading Your Emails for Gmail Ads‘ by Mark Bergin and ‘Google Will Keep Reading Your Emails, Just Not for Ads‘ by Janko Roettgers.

This 100% is still going on – and I just witnessed it first hand (that I was fully aware of). Today, I was communicating with a client about my preference with using ‘FreshBooks’ for my invoicing – immediately after I finished my email, and he responded; I navigated to YouTube to play a song – I was instantly interrupted with a ‘Freshbooks’ advertisement. Really sad, if you think about it. I am strongly considering pulling completely out of my beloved Google products such as Gmail and cloud software services (of course not the dev ones, but any where I communicate personally).

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