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Simple Ruby mad lib w/ external include (intro programming tips)

Ah ha, so here we’ll use server-side Ruby to create a “Mad Lib” type program where we’ll pass prompted user input to dynamic placeholders through an external .txt include file. Neato!

filename = "story.txt"

puts "Enter a noun: "

puts "Enter a verb: "

puts "Enter an adjective: "

puts "Enter an adverb: "

if contents.include?('NOUN'){
   "\[NOUN\]" => noun,
   "\[VERB\]" => verb,
   "\[ADJ\]" => adj,
   "\[ADV\]" => adv
}.each do |key, value|
  contents.gsub!(key, value)
end, "w") { |f| f << contents }


Fyi, my /story.txt for this example, originally looks like this:

\n\nOnce upon a time on the internet...\n\n
      At a very reluctant [NOUN] I would sometimes [VERB] while being [ADJ] and [ADV] very fast (in Canada).

So, the above ‘story’ will be populated with the user inputs; i.e. [NOUN] will have the user inputted ‘[NOUN]‘ and so on and so forth. We now have a little program that prompts the user to input ‘nouns’, ‘adjectives’, and ‘adverbs’ and then invokes the user input into our story.txt include ‘mad lib’ story.

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